Werner & Bernd Kreuer Top Loft from "Golden Barcelona Jan"

The brothers Bernd und Werner Kreuer belong to the strongest longdistance racers of Germany for many years already. Their names can be found on a frequent base in the top of National and International results. The brothers from Bornheim-Hersel has many excellent racers.

Werner Kreuer works at the University of Bonn and Bernd is a Postman. Peter Welter, a program racer , made them entusiastic for pigeon sport. Her thaught them many things, but also Dutch long distance legends as Jan Ernest from Steenbergen and Jean Hausoul from Epen were their teachers in the sport. Three factors they consider very important, and these are first: good fancier, second; good birds an third: a good loft.

1987 the Kreuer brothers focus on overnight racing totally.

The first birds that brought them great succes came from Joep van Dongen from Middelharnis and from the famous German fanciers Herbert Gross and Rudi Köhne. In the early nineties reinforcements came from the Dutch fanciers Jean Hausoul, Jan Ernest, Frenken brothers and Jac van der Wegen. The latest acquisitions came through Hans Peter Brockamp from Boppard with a sister to the best long distance pigeon in the world. The EURO DIAMOND DV-06720-02-537, a sister to the 1. Nat. Montauban winner of Menne and daughters, a daughter to the 1. National Cahors winner of Ernst and Inge Paulet and some excellent birds of Dr. Henk de Weerd from Breda.


The goulden foundation bird of this German chamapions loft is “Joep” NL84-1543460 a son to the  “Vale Barcelona hen” a pure  Jan Aarden of Joep van Dongen, that made great name for itself 19., 32., and 47. National Barcelona. Another important stockbird  is “Queen” 08717-93-769 that came from Jean Hausoul  and a daughter to “Super 21” winner of 9. National Dax (28.896 T.). “Queen” is also granddaughter to the “Barcelona” a son to the goulden breeding hen “Elza”. “Queen” is granddam to the 1. Nat. Montauban winner for Menne and daughters and she is dam to the winners of  3. Nat. Perpignan, 6. Nat. Bordeaux, 43. Nat. Marseille, 45. Nat. Bordeaux etc.

Another excellent hen is “ De Witpen” NL93-1155334 a pigeon of Jan Ernest, close related to 1. Nat. Dax 2000. She is dam to the winners of 35. and 37. Nat. Barcelona, 57. Nat. Dax, 97. Nat Cahors, etc.



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